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Cities Trotted

 Check out my trots through countries like Spain, Malaysia, China and the U.S.


Food, Glorious Food!

 My favorite (imho) legit dishes and hidden gems as verified by locals, and om nom nom inducing dishes

Spotlight City of the Month: Kuala Lumpur

Planning a Trip to Malaysia?

Get recommendations on where to eat and insider suggestions to globetrot to Kuala Lumpur with the Kuala Lumpur Trot Fact Sheet:
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Things to Do

Gallivant around town for cool events, sights worth seeing and stuff that are must-dos!


Drink & Be Merry

Speakeasies and purveyors of craft cocktails, beers, and fine spirits

Food-Trot of the Month: KL Chili Pan Mee

If you're not planning on going to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia anytime soon, fear not! You can still try making this popular street food dish at home, and in under 45 minutes.


Download the How to Make Chili Pan Mee in 45 Minutes Recipe


barna3Passadis del Pep, Barcelona

No menus here - just sit down, relax and smile as course after course is served 


Kuala Lumpur Street Food

The only way to sample the Malaysian smorgasbord of flavors - street food


Mughlai Cuisine in Delhi

Treat your tastebuds with delectable Southern Indian and Punjabi-Kashmiri foodsin this old bustling city.